Do you need an emergency glass repair in Geneve?

No problem, your glazier Geneve makes the replacement of all types of glazing, mirrors, double glazing, showcase, window repair (wood / aluminum / PVC) and glazing repair 7 days a week.
We are coming to your troubleshooting in 30 minutes on the building site in Geneve and regions.

Vitrerie Geneve is the solution to your window problems.
Vitrerie Geneve urgently repairs you to quickly repair your windows and windows.
You benefit from effective and sustainable solutions, whatever the nature of the problem.
More than a breakdown service, Vitrerie Geneve offers all its knowledge and expertise to carry out all your work and secure the construction site from A to Z.

Free glassware quote in Geneve without commitment

At Vitrerie Geneve, we always favor professional and qualitative work.
We are recognized in Geneve as being very responsive and attentive to the different needs of our customers.
The customer is king and we will never say the opposite!
For all your work, we analyze your project for a service adapted to your needs.
Quotes allow you to obtain guarantees without committing yourself.
You have found the right craftsman, take the first step, we will do the rest, ask for your free quote now or tell us about your project.

The working method for a good collaboration at your Glazier Geneve

You have contacted us for an estimate glazier or emergency repair in Geneve, we work in 4 stages to guarantee you satisfaction:

  • Glazier Geneve travels for your emergencies 24/7 in 30 minutes.
  • We secure the construction area.
  • We proceed to the window change and repair.
  • We help you in your administrative procedures and clean the construction area to leave a space like new.

We change all types of glass, safety glass, double glazing, triple glazing ... We are also specialized in the manufacture and installation of mirrors.
Vitrerie Geneve is very efficient and knows how to find solutions for your insulation.
We work as well with individuals in Geneve to change the windows of their house, apartment, stairs ... that professionals in Geneve to change the windows of their store, their company, offices ...

No problem your Geneve glazier makes the replacement for your work

  • Your window is broken (broken glass). You need a repair in Geneve for the repair of your window quickly.
    You want to know more about your insurance which includes the breaking of ice, Vitrerie Geneve is committed to help you in your administrative steps.

  • You want to change your windows for better insulation and you want a clear and fast quote.
    You have a shop and you do not know what kind of showcase to choose.
    You want a custom mirror to embellish your house, apartment or office.

  • You have glass works in Geneve that require the intervention of glazier.
    You have found the right craftsman, take the first step, we will do the rest, ask for your free quote now or tell us about your project.

A building site with windows must be secure.
As you know, windows break! And a broken window becomes sharp.
To avoid all the risks related to a broken window, it is necessary to contact a professional quickly.
The first thing that our glaziers do when arriving on a construction site it is to secure the places :

      - Pick up the broken glass with the proper equipment
      - Mark the area to prevent people from getting hurt
      - Securing the premises

This security is very important because if a child or an adult had to cut themselves with broken glass, the fault lies with you and you would be responsible.
As much argument that motivates your proactivity and especially do not weary building sites to the abandonment!

  • French speaking Switzerland
  • 24/24 hours, 7/7 days
  • Call +41 79 172 70 75

How do you proceed when repairing a showcase?

Before thinking about the repair or the repair of the broken showcase in Geneve, we must already measure the glass and its thickness to prepare everything and be sure not to arrive at your address in Geneve with the wrong showcase.
In a second time, a glazier will calculate the shortest way to reach the area as quickly as possible and with the least possible manipulation. The glass is fragile and easily breakable.
We guarantee in parallel the security of the site to not have any injury.

And finally we must provide all the elements in the toolbox:
- wedges,
- screws,
- nails,
- joints,
- suckers ...

And do not forget to have the right number of glaziers because the glass is heavy!

Do you need glazier quickly to secure your site?
Vitrerie Geneve guarantees a fast and effective intervention in 30 minutes. So do not hesitate!


- Vitrerie Geneve specializes in: single glazing, double glazing, triple glazing, laminated glazing, security glazing, showcase, sound glass, decorative glass, anti-reflective glass, windows, mirrors.

- it is many satisfied customers in Geneve and regions that we recommend daily.

- As a craftsman in Geneve, we take care of our customers so do not hesitate to ask for a free quote.

Our move to install, troubleshoot and repair your windows is completely free and we can be at home in less than 30 minutes if you live in the Geneve region.